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GLG Revenue Model

GLG Revenue Model

For the project of 100 acres:
The total investment on land, development, equipment and cultivation over the period of 10 years will be approximate 91 crores and the entire cost will be recovered within 10 years and will start fetching returns.
Also, the land will be appreciated by at least 3 times over the period of 10 years. After 10 years, the total revenue is Rs. 11 Lakhs and from tenth year onwards, the net profit will be approximately 15 Crores per year .

Investment Model

Good Land Gurus’ investment model will succour you to buy suitable land at competitive prices and will maintain the land for 10 years. GLG will be cultivating organic pomegranates on the land purchased by the customers. With the usage of latest technology, advance equipment and organic manures and pesticides, GLG ensures best quality production and higher yields of pomegranates. For the first three years, the crop will be approx. 8-10 kg per plant, fourth year crop will be pruned and from fifth year onwards, each plant will fetch 14-18 kg of fruit and will fetch approximately Rs. 350 per kg. The entire cost of the buyer including land cost will be recovered within the span of 10 years and all the revenue generated will be transferred to the land owner after deducting GLG service charges.

Terms and Conditions

  • All the evaluation and assessment made by Good Land Gurus are to the best of their knowledge based on their competency in agriculture and real estate. However, the company is not promising any final revenues as the production of pomegranate is based on several external factors like climate, plant diseases etc.
  • The company cannot promise to attain the specific weight of pomegranates. The crop yield could be exposed to pests and insects, which can be out of the control of the company. However, our farmers and management team will try their utmost to ensure the best yield of pomegranates.
  • Good land gurus are not accountable for the unforeseen regulation of the government in near future which can hinder the pomegranate farming. Therefore, return on investment may be varied and depends on the market prices during maturity.
  • All the land documents will be registered in the name of buyer and all the expenses including registration amount will be borne by the buyer. However, Good Land Gurus will ensure the smooth transaction of the land and its documentation.
  • The investment plan is subjected to the prevailing market price at the time of maturity of the fruit and does not guarantee specific returns. Good Land Gurus will be liable for the payments received directly in its favour and is not accountable for any third party payments
  • All other expenses such as insurance, local authority charges or any other taxes as applicable are over and above the stated investment costs and will be payable on actuals.
  • Revenues will be calculated after deducting all the costs and expenses.
  • Terms & conditions for crop insurance and any other insurance would be as per the policies purchased.
  • Bank transfer or cheque will be accepted as the payment mode. Payment in cash will not be acceptable at all.
  • All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Bengaluru, Karnataka.
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